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REALLY Old Baseball Card.... in fact, the very first baseball card EVER printed!! 
Made in 1869 and features the 10 members of the Cincinnati Red Stockings - the first professional baseball team. The owner placed it for auction on Ebay hoping to get $15! An extraordinary response caused her to remove it from auction, later to find it is worth over

The Most Famous and Most Collectible OLD CARTOON CHARACTER .... Disney MICKEY MOUSE, of course. Debuting on November 18, 1928 and commanding some of the highest values on his collectible toys and figurines.

Old Political Buttons and Pins .... This VERY RARE 1904 button shows Theodore Roosevelt dining with black educator Booker T. Washington and would bring a hefty sum in the world of antique political memorabilia, but although old political buttons are highly collectible, ONLY the rare examples have any real monetary value.

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Just had to add a bit of info on these fantastic classic antique cars 
because they are, in our opinion, FASCINATING to look at! We are not antique car collectors, but these photos were too exquisite to pass up. You don't see these babies on the road much, but when you do they are sure to turn a head, and quick to remind us of our cruisin' days of 

A couple of years ago, one of the national Model A Ford car clubs was 
on a Fall tour, making its way through our hometown, and it was certainly a sight to see. Over eighty, probably more, antique Model A cars lined up one after the other, some fitted with a rumble seat and upgraded accessories, others of very moderate detail. Occasionally, a driver would sound his horn......Aaaaoooogah!

I remember my mom's first car, a 1956 Ford, mostly because of the 
picture of the parents, and me, just a tot at the time, standing beside it, 
and the many, many varied stories of where, when, and what that car 
meant to our family's past. Now, some fifty plus years later, there are still 
stories about the travels and happenings that occurred in that antique car of ours. With every antique or vintage car, just as with all the antiques we admire and collect, comes a lifetime of history passed down from one generation to the next! 

Antiques tell us what was culturally important at the time. The appeal of the vintage cars of the 1950's ......grand, luxury, comfort, spacious, and then there's the cars of the 1980-90's ...... small,  conservative size and features which emphasize  economy and safety.

Did You Know...........the 1960 Cadillac had an in dash Television Option 
and many Chrysler models of the same era offered an in dash Phonograph (record player) Option. That's an example of what makes 
antiques and antique collecting so fun and INTERESTING! Just when 
we think we are on the cutting edge of design and craftsmanship, we 
look back decades or centuries and find the antiquities of the past far 
surpass the current day in quality and ingenuity, often with a surprise of 
humor and cleverness.

We got these antique car photos from a calendar which assigns credit to 
"photographic illustrators", so we are unable to give photo credit for 
these amazing vintage car photos, but gratefully acknowledge that they are sure to bring a smile and a warm heart to every antique car 
collector and non-collector alike. Enjoy!


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OLD ADVERTISING POSTERS  have long been collectible but chances are you haven't seen one as valuable as this 1901 picture of a nude Indian maiden on the back of a buffalo from a calendar distributed by Buffalo Brewing Company of Sacramento California. This Collectible Poster, one of only 11 known to exist, had all the makings of a collector's dream.... excellent lithography, colorful design, Americana images, and large sponsor's name across the top, which prompted the AR expert to appraise it at a mere..... $20,000!!!



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