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Welcome to Antique Central!!


Heart for Collecting Antique Clocks Keeps Ticking!

Collectors have long been  fascinated with antique clocks, especially antique mantel clocks and shelf clocks such as this very early 19th century American mahogany clock made by David Wood of Massachusetts. Exquisite examples of antique clocks were produced in this area around the turn of the century.

Sharing HISTORY and our PASSION
 for Antiques

This antique Japanese porcelain vase is a magnificent example of the high quality porcelain produced at the factories of Arita during the 17th or 18th century. Porcelain was first manufactured in Japan in the 17th century for export to Europe.

Antique Central is an information resource site. We offer a lot of well researched information on Antique and collectible items, including  porcelain, glassware, pottery, antique clocks, china, antique mirrors, silver, lamps, chandeliers, vintage watches, Asian and Oriental antiques and MUCH, MUCH more.  

This site has a wealth of information on a variety of antique items and will provide the valuable knowledge you'll need as you embark on your adventure of antique collecting.  Enjoy your stay and take comfort in the fact that we can not and do not try to sell stuff!

It's not only the find that is exhilarating, but sharing stories, passions and the trill of antique collecting with so many other wonderful collectors and dealers.  Perhaps you have come across a family heirloom, an old book, silver platter or antique clock, that has heightened a curiosity for antiques, or are searching for the identification or value of a particular piece you found while browsing an antique shop. Antique Central is filled with pages on just such things.  More and more people are coming into the field of antiques, and their desires are being fulfilled by the nostalgia of yesteryear.

This web site is meant for promoting antique collecting and to share history and knowledge to allow others to learn a few things about collecting antiques. And yes... you may occasionally run across a funny or two.   

Ever wonder what makes one collectible more valuable or more collectible than another, or what steps should be taken in evaluating an antique and determining a fake?  Collectors often have difficulty determining where to start or what area of collecting is best to begin.  These questions are answered on a variety of different subjects within Antique-Central, as well as interesting facts and occasional stories, on things such as famous antique clocks and watches, pertaining to the history of antiques with helpful guides.  Our site is a first step in gaining the knowledge you'll need to begin, but visiting museums, auctions, and local dealers will  allow you to get a first-hand look, ask questions, and further advance the learning process.

Antiques have a place in the heart of each one of us. Antiques provide that personal link that connects the collector with the past. Let's face it, even the most contemporary furnishings of today will be the well sought after antiques of future generations. As humans, we are encouraged and comforted by the familiar treasures of our past, and as collectors are also delighted with great appreciation for the beauty, quality, and precision workmanship represented in many of the antique collectibles of the past. 

The intrigue, the history, the fun, the excitement, and tales of fabulous finds are inspiring even to a non-collector. But, lack of sufficient knowledge in the arena of antique collecting can cause much difficulty and disappointment. Antique Central is here to make the collecting process easier for you by providing well researched and knowledgeable information. Be an informed collector, read books and seek knowledgeable dealers in order to understand quality and value 
comparisons among antique collectibles.

Without sufficient knowledge of the arena of antiques the reward expected may not be achieved. The inability to discern fakes, forgeries, and flaws in collectible pieces can easily turn the thrill of a purchase into a subsequent disappointment. And, collecting without consideration of cost and value can become expensive. It is important that collectors read and research historical facts, marks, and brands to gain insight and become a successful and informed buyer.

Although we do not actually sell antique, vintage or collectible pieces, we do maintain lists of reputable antique resources. Please check back OFTEN for frequent updates to our site information. We have a passion for antique 
collectibles and are constantly expanding our site with new and exciting resources and tips.


Talk about EXPENSIVE antiques! 

This 1917 small brown leather armchair by French designer Eileen Gray, named "Dragon Chair" for its dragon shaped arms, was once owned by Yves Saint Laurent & sold at auction for 21.9 million euros ... that's 
28 million dollars!!

THE most expensive piece of 20th-century furniture ever sold.



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